For more than 80 years, LMC has built long-term relationships with the highest quality manufacturers and the most desired brands in the industry. As an LMC co-op member, you get our proprietary market intelligence, innovative purchasing strategies, competitive pricing, access to new products, and business tools. We know when and how to anticipate, engage, and leverage opportunities to grow your business.


The advantages of joining a co-op are many, but the advantages of joining LMC are leaps and bounds above other co-ops.

Lower costs for better profit.

From LMC’s low business costs to group purchasing power, joining LMC will only increase your bottom line. We know stronger revenue means a stronger dealer and a stronger dealer means a stronger LMC, which is good for all of us.

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“LMC is our organization. They are there for one reason, to buy for us. To buy better for us. To provide us information on the market. Take full advantage of it.”

Bill Dowd, County Line Lumber
LMC Member

It’s not just about purchasing.

There are some co-ops that are focused solely on group purchase advantages. Not LMC. With us, you have purchasing power, PLUS access to proprietary market intelligence, marketing support, and unique networking opportunities with the best dealers in the business.

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“The values I see from LMC above the others are the low cost of joining, innovative purchasing strategies, the transparency of the transactions, (and) the degree of specialization of the buyers.”

Barry Dixon, Truehouse
LMC Member

Our staff is your staff.

In joining LMC, you gain access to our solutions focused staff that will help you improve your bottom line and overall margins. Augment your employees to include experts with access to the best products and pricing, saving you time and money.

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“I find that the greatest value from LMC is the integrity of the organization as a whole. I never feel like I am being sold something. The purchasers feel like an extension of my company and are on my team.”

John (BJ) Louws, Louws Truss Inc.
LMC Member

Buy direct from manufacturers.

As the premiere LBM buying group in North America, LMC commands the attention of key mills and manufacturers. It's why we have long-standing, strong relationships with those mills and manufacturers.

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“LMC is a critical element to our continued success.”

John Saunders, Economy Lumber Company
LMC Member

These are only a few of the numerous benefits of becoming an LMC dealer. From building your business to market intelligence, LMC is your ONLY co-op choice. Talk to us to find out more.


Watch a video of LMC dealers talking about their experience since having joined LMC. From day one, we’re working for you.


Who is LMC?

Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation, or LMC, is America’s leading forest products and building materials buying group, owned by independent lumber and building material dealers. LMC dealers are united in their purchasing, creating a strong foundation that supports the growth of unique supplier relationships and purchasing opportunities.

How many members are there today?

More than 380 companies with over 1,400 locations in all 50 states and the Bahamas. Our membership includes lumberyards, kitchen and bath showrooms, truss plants, wall panel plants, modular home manufacturers, and installed businesses. Together, they represent more than $15 billion in combined retail sales.

How was LMC founded?

With a vision to change the way business was done in the lumber industry, 13 independent lumberyard owners convened on September 18, 1935, to create the charter for the dream that became LMC. On October 1, 1935, LMC opened a small office in the Fox building at 16th and Market streets in Philadelphia. The charter members agreed to contact two to three lumberyards, and quickly met the membership quota with 35 founding members. Working together with three paid employees, the stockholders developed programs, negotiated buying opportunities, and established direct relationships with lumber mills, who were previously only selling to the traditional wholesale community.

What kind of competitive edge does LMC provide?

For more than 80 years, we have built long-term relationships with the highest quality manufacturers and the most desired brands in the industry. As a LMC co-op member, you get our market intelligence, sharply negotiated purchasing programs, access to new products, business tools, and networking opportunities with the absolute best in the biz.

How is LMC’s culture?

The LMC staff works as an employee of each and every dealer, not as a vendor. With a strong track record for recruiting and retaining devoted and hardworking talent, the majority of the LMC team has been with the company for 15 years or more. The company culture is one of integrity, knowledge, and innovative solutions, providing LMC dealers added value every day.

How can I join?

Fill out the form and let’s talk.

We know knowledge is power and conversations don’t cost a thing. Take a few minutes out of your day to learn more about the many advantages of joining LMC.